nItlhDu' yaDDu' je - Fingers And Toes

There are two Klingon terms for finger and toe, respectively. These are


There is, however, more to it than this.

The verb


means to use a finger in a musical instrument, for instance to strum or pluck a string or to cover a hole in a wind instrument.

Each digit - finger, thumb and toe - has a specific verb associated with it.

First the fingers:-

SIquse the index (first) finger
qayuse the middle (second) finger
qewuse the ring (third) finger
qanuse the pinky finger

Then the thumb, and there are two distinct terms:-

rIluse the thumb
Senuse the thumb

rIl is primarily, almost exclusively, used to describe using a child's thumb, whereas Sen commonly means use an adult thumb

The following terms identify use of individual toes (big toe, second toe etc):-

maruse the big (first) toe
Homuse the second toe
roSuse the third toe
nanuse the fourth toe
Qay'use the little (fifth) toe

The actual digits themselves are identified by placing the verb suffix -wI' thing which does to each verb:-

SIqwI'index finger, first finger
qaywI'middle finger, second finger
qewwI'ring finger, third finger
qanwI'pinky, little finger

The same suffix can be applied to the thumb:-

rIlwI'child's thumb
SenwI'adult thumb

Finally, the suffix can be used with the verbs identifying use of individual toes.

marwI'big toe, first toe
HomwI'second toe
roSwI'third toe
nanwI'fourth toe
Qay'wI'little toe, fifth toe

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