Music: Klingon Musical Instruments

The following are the most commonly-encountered Klingon musical instruments. As with humans, Klingons can make music in a variety of ways - by striking objects (percussion instruments), strumming stringed instruments or blowing into instruments made of wood, bone or metal.

baS 'Inbell (percussion instrument made of metal)
chuS'ughtype of musical instrument
DIr 'Indrum (percussion instrument with a stretched animal skin)
Dov'aghflute, fife
ghebhorn (musical instrument)
HurDaghstringed instrument (general term)
janmusical instrument
leSpaltype of stringed instrument
may'ronaccordion, concertina
meSchuSlarge wind instrument
QoQ janmusical instrument
Sor Hap 'Inpercussion instrument made of wood
Supghewtype of stringed instrument
SuSDeqwindbag, bellows
tIngDaghtype of stringed instrument
'Inpercussion instrument (drum, bell)

Some other terminology exists for parts of Klingon musical instruments:-

joQstrip of material in a SuSDeq
mupwI'Hommallet (for striking a musical instrument)
naQHomstick (used to strike percussion instrument)
ngujlepmouthpiece (of a wind instrument)
qunghole, perforation that cannot be filled

Here are verbs associated with the production of music.

chu'play (a musical instrument)
chu'wI'player (of an instrument)
muchperform (music)
pangpluck (a stringed instrument)
qebsqueeze (windbag instrument)
reysqueeze and stretch out (windbag instrument)
rIlplay (a horn instrument)
SuSblow (into wind instrument)
tlhaw'hit (percussion instrument) with fist
weqhit (percussion instrument) with palm
yachstrum (a stringed instrument)

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