Skill And Competence

In music, as in art, fighting, cooking, writing and so many cultural pursuits, skill is something to be recognised. The more skilful a practitioner, the more honour he deserves.

Here are a number of terms describing skill, ability and competence.

po'skilled, be skilled, competent (v)
Dungreat, be great, wonderful (v)
lI'useful, be useful (v)
qaqpreferable, be preferable (v)
lo'laHvaluable, be valuable (v)
lo'laHbe'worthless, be worthless (v)
tlhIbincompetent, be incompetent (v)
QaQgood, be good (v)

If one is using a skill, one is beholden to improve in that skill.

Dubimprove (v)
qeqdrill, practice, train, prepare (v)

jIDubmeH vIqeqnIStaHI must keep practicing in order to improve

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