Music Post: Composition

Klingon for the Galactic Traveler has this to say about music.

The word used for compose is qon. This verb also means record and is used whether the recording is by hand (that is, written or even etched in stone), in a medium suitable for a computer, or any other form. From the Klingon point of view, a song is not the product of an individual's mind. It has somehow always existed and is waiting for someone (the songwriter or, more accurately, song recorder, qonwI') to transcribe it (qon) and then present it (much) to others.

Here is a basic musical vocabulary.

qoncompose, record (v)
qonwI'songwriter, composer (n)
QoQmusic (n)
QoQ janmusical instrument
chu'play (musical instrument) (i)
QoQ chu'play music (v)
chu'wI'musician (player of musical instrument) (n)
bomsong, chant (n)
bomsing, chant (v)
bom mu'libretto, song lyrics (n)

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