Music 2: The Sound Of Music

Last week marked the beginning of the theme of Klingon music. Time to start with some basic vocabulary.

QoQmusic (n)
bomsing, chant (v)
bomsong, chant (n)
bom mu'lyrics
bomwI'singer, chanter

Some Klingon phrases referencing singing:-

ta'mey Dun, bommey DunGreat deeds, great songs
bomDI' 'IwwIj qaqawThe memory of you sings in my blood

Music is sung, chanted or played with musical instruments. The voice of the singer is considered another musical instruments, and like many devices used by Klingons all musical instruments are wielded like weapons. Klingon music, like many other Klingon phenomena, is wild, aggressive and powerful, with tonalities which humans might hear as clashing noises and cacophonous disharmonies - even though to a Klingon ear the music is totally harmonious.

Music Appreciation

Klingons do prefer their music, like their food, live - though if live music is not available, such as on the Bridge of a Klingon battlecruiser, recorded music will suffice.

While Klingons can be said to use the verb tIv enjoy (v) their music, that is really not the point. Klingons appreciate music which does something to them - and this is reflected in the verbs they use.

Klingon music can be said to ...

jaqmoHembolden (v)
pIlmoHstimulate, inspire (v)
SeymoHexcite (v)
tungHa'encourage (v)
DuQmove (v) (literally, "stab")


mutungHa'It (the song) encouraged me (v)
DuDuQpu''a' bomvetlhDid that song move you? (v)

Next: Worthy Of Song.

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