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The following posts all appear on my blog, The Daily Klingon. They were posted in December 2014, in the runup to the 2014 Klingon Christmas Lectures taking place over the week 2014 12 22 - 2014 12 28.

The theme of this series of posts is Family.

qorDu' - family (n)
tuq - House, tribe, lineage, family (n)
puq - child (n)
puq poH - generation (n)
puqloD - son (n)
puqbe' - daughter (n)
vav - Father (n)
SoS - Mother (n)
vay' puqloD, vay' puqbe'
vavnI' - Grandfather (n)
SoSnI' - Grandmother (n)
no' - ancestors (n)
qempa' - ancestor (n)
no'DIr - ancestor hanging (decoration) (n)
loDnI' - brother (n)
be'nI' - sister (n)
loDnal - husband (n)
be'nal - wife (n)
nay - Marry (v)
Saw - Marry (v)
A Last Look At Family

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